Pretty Little Piñatas Abound at Handcraft Studio School

We can't think of anyone who doesn't have fond memories of crafting papier-mâché piñatas. That's part of the reason we kicked off our class schedule at Handcraft Studio School with the fun class Pretty Little Piñatas.

Handcraft Studio School Pretty Little Piñatas Workshop

Each student started out by getting their hands messy by swathing a balloon in papier-mâché. In case you can't remember from childhood art projects, papier-mâchée is French for chewed paper. But don't worry—no paper mastication occurs in our classes! Instead, we create our papier-mâché with strips of paper and a watery paste. It's just the first step in creating our lovely piñatas.

Handcraft Studio School Pretty Little Piñatas Workshop

After we covered the balloons, we then decorated already dried piñatas that we'd brought for class participants. Using strips of crepe paper that we fringed, we slowly covered the balloon. Started from the bottom, we carefully worked our way up to the top.

After fully covering our piñatas, we filled them with confetti and strung them up to hang at home or to gift to a friend. All in all, the class was a super fun way to kick off the schedule here at Handcraft Studio School!  

Take a peek at more images from the workshop in the slideshow below.



Posted on September 9, 2013 .