Branches and Blooms: Learning How to Make Your Own Beautiful and Seasonal Bouquet

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Who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet? Lovely as they are to receive, they are even more rewarding when crafted by your own hands.

Branches and Blooms Handcraft Studio School Finished Bouquet

 That's why we were excited to feature floral designer Rachel O'Neal at Handcraft Studio School for our first flower arranging workshop.

For the workshop, Rachel focused on a variety of seasonal and locally supplied flowers. Class participants also used flowers and branches that were collected locally. Rachel focused on these varieties because it makes flower gathering easier, greener, and less expensive, which translates into the opportunity to display beautiful flowers on a more regular basis at your home. Rachel also taught students about the best varieties of seasonal flowers and the best places to buy them locally. 

Braches and Blooms Handcraft Studio School

During class, students picked up a lot of tips on the basics of flower selection, as well as tips on how to keep flowers fresh for a longer amount of time. Students were also taught about the best tools to use for arranging flowers. Make sure to invest in a pair of nice trimmers, Rachel noted.

Branches and Blooms Handcraft Studio School 2

At the end of the workshop, everyone left with a beautiful local and seasonal floral arrangement, a vase, and the knowledge of how to go about creating their own beautiful bouquets in the months to follow.

Branches and Blooms Handcraft Studio School 3

We were happy to welcome Rachel O'Neal to Handcraft Studio School. Students enjoyed this colorful and lively workshop, and we are excited to host more floral workshops at the studio soon. 

Handcraft Studio School Branches and Blooms Finished Class Bouquets
Posted on October 25, 2013 .