Introduction to Indigo With Kathryn Davey

Indigo Poster Handcraft Studio School

For anyone who's ever been fascinated by the process of dyeing, our indigo class offers the opportunity to go much deeper—both in knowledge and in the deep, indigo blue colors that emerge from the dye baths. Our indigo classes are taught by Kathryn Davey who works in fiber arts of all manner. Besides her beautiful indigos, Kathryn also crafts dolls, creatures, superheroes, tote bags, beautifully made aprons, and felt ball mobiles. 

Kathryn Davey Lecture Handcraft Studio School

Kathryn began class by giving students booklets outlining the process of indigo dying. She also taught students about the history of indigo, including where indigo plants are grown, how they are harvested, and stored. 

Indigo Dye Baths Handcraft Studio School

Kathryn led the students in the steps to prepare an indigo dye bath. Everyone was then given a set of prepared cotton napkins to use in the dye baths. Students used a number of different techniques to create the beautiful indigo patterns, including twine, jar lids, and of course, clamps to hold everything together

Indigo Napkins Handcraft Studio School

The results were truly stunning, and it was fascinating to observe how different techniques produced such varying results.

Indigo Napkins 2 Handcraft Studio School

Students left class with a gorgeous set of hand-dyed indigo napkins they'd made themselves, as well s with reference materials detailing how to make their own vat of dye, as well as where to procure materials.  

Kathryn Davey teaches this class on a recurring basis, so be sure to check the calendar to find out when her next class will be held!

Posted on April 13, 2014 .