Party in a Box

Party in a Box Graphic

Who's ready for a party? We certainly are! With that idea in mind, we hosted the Party in a Box class, taught by Handcraft Studio School's own Marie Muscardini.

Party in a Box Handcraft Studio School

For this class, participants embellished simple paper party supplies, creating something noteworthy and unique for their next celebration.

Party in a Box Handcraft Studio School Supplies

Supplies for the class included crepe paper, inexpensive, machine-made pom poms, party hats, blowers, twine, a glue stick, tacky glue, Marie's favorite confetti, and a pair of sharp scissors dedicated exclusively to paper use.

Party in a Box Table Handcraft Studio School

Marie led the glass through a variety of custom additions to this standard box of supplies.  Some of the customizations included adding pom pom onto party hats, embellishing blowers with fringe and pom poms, and creating garlands for the wall as well as mini garlands for cupcake toppers.

Embellished Party Hats Handcraft Studio School

Marie also revealed her favorite local party supply resources—make sure to sign up for the next class to get her inside tips.

Additionally, Marie added some great bonus goodies to the box. She gave class participants a thank you stamp, a small collection of cards to decorate for thank you cards, and another more colorful, intricate paper garland, along with Marie's favorite paper confetti, balloons, and decorated paper straws

Party in a Box Participants Handcraft Studio School

We think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all!

Posted on April 12, 2014 .