Digestive Bitters - From Festive Cocktails to Loving Your Liver, 3/24


Digestive Bitters - From Festive Cocktails to Loving Your Liver, 3/24


with Beth Sachnoff

Sunday March 24th, 2-5

Limit 12 students

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In this class herbalist Beth Sachnoff will teach you how to craft your own digestive bitters. Whether you are a fan of craft cocktails, curious about making your own herbal remedies or looking to improve your digestive health then this class is for you! Bitters are more than an essential craft cocktail ingredient.  In this class we will explore how wild weeds and aromatic roots can support healthy digestion, glowing skin and make cocktails shine. Learn how to use bitters in your cooking, cocktails and as medicine. Make a batch of pickled veggies to take home and learn delicious ways to incorporate bitter foods into your meals. Sip on a mug of hot tea and prepare your own medicinal tea. Dive into the art of tincturing and make a bottle of digestive bitters to take home. Learn how to use bitters in cocktails and mocktails, as we create and taste our own recipe.

Take home a a collection of herbal products, recipes and the confidence to make them on your own.

Beth Sachnoff is an herbalist, teacher and proud mama to one wild toddler. She is a San Francisco native who nurtured her relationship with the plants playing amongst the redwoods and strolling through the Bay Area hills. Beth studied Clinical Herbalism at Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland and Ohlone Herbal Center. She is the creator of Wild Child Apothecary a organic hand-crafted tincture and tea product line. Beth blends the healing wisdom of plants to support people in whole-self care in her personal practice and workshops.

IG: instagram.com/wildchildapothecary

FB: facebook.com/bethatwildchildapothecary