Mixing Custom Color Palettes, 2/24


Mixing Custom Color Palettes, 2/24


with Cleo Papanikolas

Sunday February 24th, 10-2:30

Limit 12 students

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The first half of the class expands on basic color wheel knowledge that yellow and blue make green. Instead of an overview of mixing all the colors, we go in-depth on just one color, green, and all it’s possibilities. We explore the differences between pre-mixed tube colors and intentionally mixing varieties of yellow and blue. Each student will paint-in a swatch chart including: mixture percentages, tints, shades, and warm and cool tones – with the goal of creating a palette of their personal favorite colors to use in future paintings.

The second half of the class focuses on creating coordinated color palettes that set a mood or tone to your painting. With inspiration from some famous oil paintings we explore how to pre-plan a swatch chart of bright, muted, or dramatic colors. Students select favorite colors from the morning’s chart, custom mix a related family of colors, then paint sample landscapes.

This class is open to all levels. If you don’t consider yourself a painter, this color knowledge can transfer to other craft pursuits. All the materials will be provided for you. If you have painted before and have a favorite watercolor kit and brush feel free to bring it if you would like to use your familiar colors. In class we will be using dot cards made from gouache. You’ll go home with a color mixing chart, landscape painting/swatch chart, a sheet of color reference photos, a well-used palette of gouache, and a paintbrush for no-excuses to keep painting.

CLEO PAPANIKOLAS is the author/illustrator of The Opposite Is Also True: A Journal Of Creative Wisdom For Artists and Cook Until Desired Tenderness. She holds a BFA in printmaking from California College of Arts and an MFA in painting from
the University of California, Berkeley. As a working artist Cleo has painted large public murals, oil-on-canvas paintings for fine art galleries, and illustrations for print and her Cleomade craft business. She teaches illustration at California College of the Arts extension and is a featured author at the Berkeley Library Foundation. Please follow Cleo HERE and @cleomade